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The Expert Consulting Meeting on “Measures and Suggestions for Controlling Traffic Congestion of Motor Vehicles in Changchun” Convened in Our Institute

Posted 2016-05-04 Viewed 3498 times

 In the recent years, Changchun has entered a rapid development stage of urbanization and motorization, and the urban traffic congestion problem is becoming increasingly serious. In order to solve the problem, the Jilin Province Department of Housing and Urban & Rural Construction has organized a research on “Measures and Suggestions for Controlling Traffic Congestions of Motor Vehicles in Changchun”, which will be undertaken by the Changchun Institute of Urban Planning & Design, to guide Changchun’s urban traffic development and the recent traffic system building in Changchun, so as to deal with the traffic jam problem caused by the rapid development of urban motorization.

 The research results have been preliminarily formed. In order to ensure scientificity and operability of the research, our institute invited prestigious traffic specialists of China and hosted an expert consulting meeting on March 19 to hear the expert team’s opinions on controlling traffic congestion caused by motor vehicles in Changchun.

 The leaders and experts invited to the meeting were Deputy Director-general Yuan Zhongkai of the Jilin Province Department of Housing and Construction, Director Xu Liang and Deputy Director Zheng Zhongwei of the Urban & Rural Planning Division, Director Guo Jifu of the Beijing Traffic Development Research Center, Vice Chairman Qian Linbo of the Nanjing Urban and Traffic Planning & Design Institute Co., Ltd., Professor and Senior Engineer Wang Xiaoming of the Beijing Urban Planning & Design Institute, Deputy Chief Engineer Zhu Weiguo of the China Metro Engineering Consultation Co., Ltd., Chief Supervisor of Traffic Planning Zhou Yanhu of the China Section of the AECOM Design Group, Deputy Chief Engineer Li Yanwen of the China Municipal Engineering Northwest Design Institute Co., Ltd., etc.

 On our part, President Fang Fei, Deputy President Cui Kai, and the project team members attended the meeting. Director Zeng Qinghua of the Traffic Institute and his project team reported the “Measures and Suggestions for Controlling Traffic Congestion of Motor Vehicles in Changchun” to the leaders and the experts at the meeting.

 After hearing the report by the project team, the participating leaders and the experts engaged in discussions and communications, and they reached a consensus that the project had accurately mastered the urban traffic development situations and could propose plans for temporary and permanent solutions to urban traffic congestions. Meanwhile, the expert team suggested giving full consideration to urban industrial layouts and accelerating the structural transformation from a single center to multiple sub-centers. Traffic systems are closely correlated with urban land uses, and building a traffic system adaptable to urban land use is the key for solving urban traffic problem. In large city constructions, adequate considerations should be given to mass transit rail traffic construction. The regions with no rail traffic support should slow the development of construction land. They should intensify their study on traffic regulations. Rational administration and control, in certain period, would play a better role in relieving traffic congestions. The construction of urban rapid transit systems should be continued, ensuring the reasonable linkages between the rapid road system and road of other types and grades.

 The project team would absorb and implement the expert team’s opinions step by step, and accordingly further optimize the measures and suggestions for controlling traffic congestion of motor vehicles in our city.

(Collating clerk/Editor: Jiang Rui and Pan Hongru)