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Comprehensive Traffic Planning for Changchun Has Been Fully Operational, and the Traffic Survey Will Be Conducted Soon.

Posted 2016-10-09 Viewed 3859 times

With the steady development of our citys society and economy, the number of cars has rocketed in recent years. The motor vehicle population is over 1 million. The problem of traffic congestions in the city is becoming increasingly prominent. Traffic problems have affected citizens daily traveling.

Recently, the municipal government has launched the program of Comprehensive Traffic Surveys of Changchun, to obtain overall and basic data of the current conditions of the urban traffic and provide data support for initiating series of comprehensive plans for traffic systems as well.

Phase I of the survey is planned to be conducted from September 20th to 29th,putting importance on collecting citizens one-day traveling and traffic flow data.

The traffic survey includes citizens traffic survey, floating population survey, check line survey, entry and exit survey, parking survey and attractive points survey.

The respondents of the citizens traffic survey are Changchun residents beyond 6 years old, including both registered and temporary population. The method for this survey is sampling survey, with the sampling 2% from 27000 households. Surveyors will start on September 20th (Tuesday ) and hand out questionnaires to residents within the survey area in the way of family visits to learn about the features of households, residents members and information about their traveling. The floating population survey is conducted in the intercity junctions and hotels.

The check line survey includes 115 survey spots, forming a horizontal, vertical and annular network composed of Jiefang Road, Renmin Street, railway lines, Nanhu Road and Yitong River. The entry and exit survey aims at 18 traffic arteries connecting Changchun and the outside. The parking survey aims at the confines of Changchun. The attractive point survey is to know the population flow and traffic flow in a single day agasint the selected 160 typical buildings in Changchun and conduct questionnaire surveys to citizens.

To make sure that the surveys are conducted smoothly, the municipal government appeals all citizens to provide great support and cooperate closely.