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Director Fang Fei’s Interpretation for “Innovation in Urban Planning in the New Era – Taking the Master Planning of Changchun New District as a Case (2016-2030)

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At the academic exchange of urban planning among three provinces in Northeast China and the “Revitalization and Urban & Rural Planning of Northeast China Area” held in Harbin September 8-9, Director Fang Fei of the Changchun Institute of Urban Planning & Design delivered a keynote speech entitled “Innovation in Urban Planning in the New Era – Taking the Master Planning for the Changchun New District as a Case (2016-2030)”. (This article is transcription of the recorded speech)

I. Innovating Planning Preparation Thought and Scientifically Building the Planning Preparation System for the New District

Scientifically Building the Planning Preparation System for the New District

“The very core of a nation’s comprehensive strength still lies in its soft power of culture, which is about agglomeration of vigor, qi and spirit. We must adhere to our confidence in our theory, confident in our road and confidence in our system, and the most essential is to add our confidence in the culture of our own.”--- Xi Jinping (at the discussion with the Guizhou Delegation at the 2nd Conference of the 12th National People’s Congress)

“Stay away from weird buildings.”--- Xi Jinping (at a forum on literature and art)

Beijing’s response: In the course of the master urban planning preparation and revision, we will raise requirements on the overall architectural styles and features and make necessary specifications on basic architectural elements such as style, scale, size, color, form, material, etc.

“In counties and cities, we will explore the three-planning-in-one or multiple-planning-in-one in terms of economic and social development planning, urban and rural development planning, and land use planning, making one planning and one blueprint for each of the counties and cities , coupled with continuous implementation.”-Xi Jinping (at the Central Government’s Work Meeting on Urbanization, December 12-13, 2013)

“We will explore the three-planning-in-one in terms of economic and social development planning, urban and rural development planning, and land use planning at the level of cities and counties.”-Li Keqiang (at the provincial-ministerial cadres’ seminar on promoting new urbanization, September 7, 2012)

In December 2014, Party Secretary Bayin Chaolu gave important instructions on planning and design of Chang-Ji New District, stressing planning first and accelerating preparations for the master planning and special planning for the new district.--- Bayin Chaolu (giving instructions on the new district work)

The Chang-Ji New District is a practical choice to in-depth implement the Chang-Ji-Tu Strategy and raise our opening-up level, an important step for us to integrate into the national Belt & Road Initiative, balance both domestic and international situations, comprehensively make use of the “two markets” and “two resources”, and quicken our pace to “go global”, an opportunity to seize the new round of Dongbei revitalization, an urgent need to adapt to the new normal of economic growth and implement the innovation-driving strategy and build the innovative core region in the middle, and an effective carrier to push new urbanization and explore urban & rural cultural development. It will be of great significance to promote sustainable and healthy development of economy and society of Jilin Province.--- Jiang Chaoliang (a remark made during the Changchun-Jilin City survey on January 5, 2015)

II. Innovating development roads and making the “three-step” development strategy

Basis: The 1st step is to rely on the opening-up industrial system in Changchun New District to build a national-level new district.

Grasp: The 2nd step is to apply for the establishment of a free trade pilot zone to get involved in the world’s economic situation.

The final destination: The 3rd step is to turn Changchun New District into a new pitch point to China in Northeast Asia to open up to the world.

III. Innovating planning objectives to take the three capacities construction as the core

Opening-up and innovative industrial system

Two centers – a start manufacturing center in China and a green consumption center in Northeast Asia

Two major industrial clusters and N 100-billion-level industries – advanced manufacturing cluster and green & health industrial cluster to form the “562” industrial system

Building an opening-up platform with an outreach to the world

In order to support development of the two major industrial clusters, we should give full play to the conglomeration effect of modern service sectors through resources sharing, interconnection and competition, actively build a number of industrial service platforms for commerce, trade, finance, opening-up hub, science & technology innovation, international involvement, talent gathering, intelligent digitalization, etc. to realize the whole-process service of the industrial chains.

Building a strategic hub and corridor to link the world

As a new growth pole supported by the Chang-Ji-Tu Strategy hinterland, the new engine for the Harbin-Changchun city cluster development and a strategic highland of regional opening-up and cooperation in Northeast Asia, Changchun New District not only serves as a functional pivot of the new platform but also plays a supporting and leading role to the construction of the new corridor and new portal through opening-up and development-based interconnection so as to make the Chang-Ji-Tu Strategy pilot zone better integrate into the national Belt & Road Initiative.

With respect to the new platform building, we will promote cultural exchange, industrial cooperation and economic & trade linkage through intensified building of the airport and the inland port of the new district.

With respect to the new corridor building, we will actively build the China-Europe road transport channel and two marine transport routs to integrate into the Belt & Road Initiative, and realize cooperation with Europe and North America.

With respect to the new portal building, we will give play to Changchun New District’s geo-location advantages, intensify direct connection between the new district and the Hunchun opening-up portal (port clusters) and economic & trade contacts with Europe and North America, and ensure establishment of the international inland port and the comprehensive logistics center positions.

IV. Innovating planning philosophies and preparing planning featuring “multiple-planning-in-one”

Multiple-planning-in-one – shown in one blueprint

The “one blueprint” stresses three-aspect contents of the new district: whole-territory regulation, development planning and establishment layout.

Multiple-planning-in-one – shown in one sheet

New district’s development strategies, objectives and scales are decomposed by functional units. We should identify detailed development guides of the functional units, such detailed contents as focal development directions, case reference, land occupation, employment scale, regional total output value, total industrial output value, investment budge, stage goal, important task, local corporate resources, business directory for promotion, land use quota, eco-building task, environmental control indicator, water resource control index, etc. inside the units and inside each of the industrial parks, and make the initial plan for PPP to develop infrastructures.

Multiple-planning-in-one – information platform

We will take advantage of the GIS technology, digitalized processing and spatialization to work out the “one blueprint” and “one sheet” to overlap hundreds of the figures including management map, comprehensive traffic planning, infrastructure planning, public service utility planning, etc. on the new district’s geo-information data platform to realize coordination of data from varied departments and information sharing to optimize decision making processing and improve governance efficiency of the new district.

V. Innovating building philosophies to adapt to the eco-city in frigid North China

Building the goal system for the eco-city

We will refer to the advanced city development conceptualizations of overseas eco-cities like Vancouver, Freiburg, etc. and adopt the 12 action plans in the three large areas of ecological protection, livable environment and human living space, to turn Changchun New District into an eco-city of frigid North China, with complete natural mountains and waters distributions, mountain, water, city and field – four in one, quality environment and healthy surroundings, and green and low-carbon efficiency.

Building a safe and stable eco-pattern

1. Protecting the Dahei Mountain’s eco-green plantations and strictly prohibiting excessive logging

2. Improving river water system network deployment, raising water system connections, functions and integrity, and implementing ecological water replenishment projects to ensure ecological stable basic flows of river waters.

3. Promoting construction and accelerating the recovery of wetlands around Binhu Lake, and attaching importance to the protection of North Lake National Wetland Park and Yinma River downstream wetland.

Creating a livable and healthy environment quality

Establishing a three-level environment management and control system of sound, water and atmosphere, and exercising classified management and control system within the new district.

Green and low-carbon human residential space

We will build a safe and efficient guarantee system to improve urban water supply safety, and perfect urban and rural water supply systems; we will step up sponge city building and minimize the impact of urban development and construction on eco-environment; we will improve energy supply systems, raise urban power supply guarantee levels, increase oil and gas system supply security to cities, and advocate renewable energy utilization; we will raise the infrastructure backup capacity to smart cities, and create an advanced information network in Northeast Asia; we will intensify urban disaster early warning system and update disaster-proof and rescue capacities in cities.

VI. Innovating Planning Implementation and Building a Whole-process Supervision Mechanism

We should invite investors to participate in the entire process of the new district planning preparations, stick to simultaneous planning, publicity and investment promotion to rapidly gather various production factors such as capital, human resources, technology, etc., and confirm a number quality industrial dragonhead projects at the same time, improving practicality and operability of the master planning.